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Our Intercom Audio Interfaces provide line level audio in & out of a single channel Clear-com(tm) brand intercom.

Renting expensive wireless com? - Plug it into an In Ear monitor system & hear com for a whole lot less $$$
Removing your In Ears to answer com? - Monitor engineers use it to route com straight into their in ear mix
Musicians need to get com cues? - Route com into the band in ear mix & stop playing charades
Need to connect multiple jobsites? - Feed the audio out into your favorite VOIP application.
LD needs to hear multiple com feeds? - Pros use our interfaces to create their own custom com mix on their own mixer.
Need to record intercom? - Plug the output into your favorite recording device. Churches do this to train future volunteers

Both Interfaces feature:
Loop-through intercom XLR jack
No Battery or AC Power Needed
Hand assembled in the USA from brand name parts: Bourns pots, Neutrik XLR & Hammond Case

Audio Output Only Model
XLR audio out w/ no level control
including US Priority Mail(tm) Shipping

Combo Input/Output Model
XLR input & output connectors
w/ audio level controls
including US Priority Mail(tm) Shipping

*** "Clear-Com" is a Registered Trademark of HM Electronics ***
There is no connection between AVLifesavers & Clear-Com/HM Electronics whatsoever. (We think Clear-Com rocks!)

Here's what customers have to say...
"Hey Lonnie, It's been great and I will be getting another one or two soon! Thanks so much! Rick"

- Rick Clark, Director of Production Arts - Presbyterian Church at New Providence, New Providence NJ.

"It's Awesome."

- Benoit Richard, Lighting Designer - Matchbox Twenty

"I have been using Benoit Richards interface all summer and absolutely love and definitely needed one of my own. Thanks for providing such a great product!"

- Michael Zielinski - LD Counting Crows

"Hey Lonnie, The interface is spot on! Weíre about to try integrating 2-way radios into our existing ClearCom system as well. It should be interesting to see if that creates problems down the road, but for now, itís seamless! "

- Chris McDonald, Production Director - Pine Lake Church

"Hi Lonnie, Our Lighting Director has found this interface to be extremely useful and he is often disappointed in rare situations where it can't be used!! So, needless to say it is working perfectly and providing him with just what he needs to put on a flawless show. Thanks again!"

- Scott Koopmann - Chicago

"It's going well! We have a four channel Intercom shared between two venues on site.

We have your interfaces set up going into the console in each room on separate channels, routed to an Aux out so it is discrete into the band's ears. Very very helpful.

We are also running Unity Intercom and bridging that to the wired Intercom using Studio Tech's 45DC device (over Dante). So with it all together, with your interface, I can talk to my band's in-ears from anywhere in the world. :)

Thanks for checking in!"

- Joseph Adams, Worship Technology Director - Fellowship Greenville church, Greenville SC.

"Working great! Thanks!"

- Andy Rushing - ASR Light Design, Nashville TN

"Lonnie, It is GREAT to hear from you and happy 2018. The intercom interfaces have been working great, as we use them all the time on tour. I am most likely going to invest in the version with attenuators on them as it would be SUPER nice to adjust the volume as needed."

- Christian Hahn - Forge Designs, Fishers IN

"Hi Lonnie, Thanks for checking in! The interface is working great. It does exactly what I want it to do and has had no issues at all. Iím happy with how well the box is built. Thanks again, Iím keeping an eye on your site in case something else fun and useful comes up! All the best, Andrew."

- Andrew Froehlich - Lighting Designer (The Struts, Young the Giant) - Nashville TN

"Lonnie, I was using on a show this week. Works fantastic!"

- Anthony Young - Alpharetta GA

"I've been enjoying the interface. Clean, clear audio. Love it! Thanks, Mike".

- Michael Siefert - Watermark Church, Plano TX

"It works great. We used it for a backstage monitor for a show in November. Iíll be using it again next month. We are very satisfied! Thanks!"

- Tim Harris - Music on Main LLC - Albemarle NC

"Lonnie, I just picked up your "intercom audio interface" and it is working perfectly. We are leveraging your device to create a teaching tool for training camera directors at our church. Our setup is quite simple: I have routed clearcom audio (via your device) to one channel of a dedicated record deck and program audio to the other channel.

With this solution in place, we can both create example footage to volunteers of how to effectively direct camera shots, or utilize this recording to identify and address specific areas a volunteer can develop in their craft.

One such issue I am hoping this tool will address is excessive chatter on intercom. Too much chatter causes the entire team to not engage with the service causing missed moments and avoidable mistakes. Reviewing one's work is a powerful tool for personal development. Your interface makes creating this training platform so easy, so thank you for what you do!"

- Steve Simmons, Technical Director - Perimeter Church (John's Creek, GA)

"Hey Lonnie, Itís been great so far! Itís changed how I work and itís given me a lot more options for staying focused on my primary task, but also allowing me to hear whatís happening on intercom without having to take out my in-ears or put on bulky headsets. Itís also given me tons of options to give stage hands intercom feeds without the issue of wireless intercom being bulky and expensive. Iím looking forward to using it even more! Thank you for reaching out personally and Iíll be sure to let you know if I ever have any issues. Youíve earned yourself a lifelong customer!"

- Jonathon Stricklin - Gallatin TN

"Hello Lonnie, The device I purchased from you is working flawlessly. I'm very thrilled with its performance."

- Randall Tucker - Reedley CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the interface I used. I donít know if the music director ever used her com setup, but I sure did. I set the com audio out to feed a channel on my CL5 and my talkback mic to double to a channel that I sent direct out to the com audio in. That way I could use one tb mic for com and band communications, and one headset was set to always listen to com, unless I had a channel cued up. It was perfect, and something that I will use from now on."

- Allan Branson, Resident Sound Designer and Supervisor, Arkansas Repertory Theatre

"They worked great for us. I am using the Output only to strip audio from com for recording. The Input/Output I used to replace a Clearcom IF4B. Once a year we do a live broadcast of an Opera to AT&T Park. I have a laptop and your device with Skype at the Park and NewTek VS100 Skype TX interface with an IF4W4 at the Opera to connect Clearcom from each venue, allowing our Stage managers at each venue to communicate."

- Douglas Mitchell, Audio/Video Engineer, San Francisco Opera

"It worked perfectly for what we were doing. Well made, solid device."

- Mark Torchia, Technical Director, Brookfield Property Partners

" They work great! I'll send you some pictures of my setup next week!"

- Max Lenox, Freelance Lighting Director

"Hi Lonnie, Interface arrived in record time and have had a chance to test it out with my Audiocom SPS2000A power supply (set to balanced) and a bunch of Telex BP-1000 belt packs as well as a Sound Devices MixPre-d for audio in and out. It sounds fantastic. The pots for levels in and out are clean and bring the level in and out of the intercom system smoothly and with a full DB range. The build quality of the box itself is excellent. Iím a happy camper and just want to say thanks a bunch for making a fine product that works very well and for getting it to me so quickly. All the best."

- Scott Anderson, Location Sound Mixer based out of Austin, contactscott.com

"Just wanted to let you know that Iíve used your clear com box multiple times and itís been awesome. Perfect to give our video guys a feed of our lead singer and some band."

- Andrew Neisch (Bryan, TX)

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