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Submixing with the
Mini XLR Mixer
Submixing is hooking up a 2nd mixer that mixes multiple mics into 1 input on the mixing board you've got (shown above).

While you lose 1 XLR input on your main board, you gain 3 mic inputs on the Mini XLR Mixer. Level controls on the mixer are for the individual inputs. Use the level control on your main board to control the overall level & equalization.

It doesn't replace your board, it becomes it's trusty sidekick.

Submixing is an excellent way to add mic inputs, either temporarily (such as a last minute client add-on), or permanently (say to avoid an expensive upgrade of a portable pa or installed sound system).

To hook it up:

1. Unplug 1 mic from your current board & plug into the Mini XLR Mixer

2. Plug the Mini XLR Mixer output into the now empty jack on your board.

That puts you back to the status quo, same mic into same input, just running through the Mini XLR Mixer. You'll need to turn up the mic trim on your board to compensate for the 6db loss from the Mini XLR Mixer.

The difference is now you can submix 2 other mics in there as well.