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Mini XLR Mixer FAQ

Q: How does it work without power?
A: It's based on the same design as an XLR Audio Pad, except it lets you Continuously Vary the attenuation of the pad, and in doing so the level of the signal.

Q: When will it ship out?
A: If before the USPS pickup (around 10am) it will likely go out the same day order. Otherwise, it will ship out the next day.

Q: How long will it take to get to me?
A: USPS Priority Mail take 2-3 days depending on zip code & Saturday does count as a day.

Q: How can I minimize level reduction?
A: By starting with all knobs up full & turning down only what you want less of. You can't overload this mixer.

It's not an issue unless what you're plugging it into has very little gain built into the design or is outrageously noisy, in which case the noise would become more noticeable (The Mini XLR Mixer itself can't create any noise).

Q: Must the Signal be XLR Balanced?
A: YES! All sources must have balanced XLR outs, such as from a mic or direct box. There is simply no way to use a cable to convert from 2 conductor 1/4" to 3 pin XLR on the other end & have it magically become balanced. This is what a direct box does.

A T/R/S to XLR Cable SHOULD work ASSUMING the output is actually T/R/S, but sadly most are not. In deference to the odds I don't recommend it.

Balanced sources must have 3 connections at BOTH ends: in phase, out of phase & ground. Here's an article explaining balanced audio

Q: What about Phantom Power?
A: It passes through slightly reduced phantom power from House Sound Systems, Powered Speakers, or other mixers. The vast majority of condensor mics don't need the full 48 volts unless it's specifically designated as P48. Actual voltage varies depending on the current draw of the mics involved. Since the mixer itself doesn't require power, it can't provide it in & of itself.

Q: Can I use line level signals?
A: Yes. Mic or line level. There's no way to overload it.

Q: What about mics with a 1/4" out?
A: You're kind of out of luck. The circuit depends on a balanced XLR signal. You could use a direct box, but you'd need one for each mic.

Q: How do I control the overall level of the mix?
A: Use the level control on what you're plugging it into. Control the overall equalization with the EQ on that device as well.

Q: Do you use brand name parts?
A: Yes. All XLR are Neutrik, potentiometers are Bourns & cases are Hammond.

Q: How big is it?
A: It measures 4 5/8" Long x 3 3/8" Wide (w/ knobs) x 1 5/8" High. About the size of a guitar pedal. Weight approx 8 ounces.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, except I will not ship to China or territories due to the rampant copying of products. Drop me an email for pricing. There are multiple options & paypal cannot calculate it. When you're ready to order I send you a paypal invoice, which you can pay any way you choose.

FYI: Besides shipping, your country (Not Me) will likely also charge you an import duty.

Just something to factor in.

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photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985.
It's that kind of real world experience that I feel makes AVLifesavers stand out. It's one thing to examine problems theoretically, it's a whole different thing to deal with frantic last minute changes from an inexperienced client who wants it done yesterday.

Been there, done that, so I've designed products to solve live sound problem fast.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

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