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...and many others
"Saved an open mic with it! The host ran out of mic inputs, I pulled out my microphones, stand and the mini mixer....problem solved! Also used it extensively for band practice when all we had was a 4 channel mixer. It gave me the extra channnels we needed. I WILL NEVER be caught without it in my gig bag!"

- Robert Congdon (Cheektowaga, NY)

"Lonnie, thanks for the check-in. Working as advertised and as expected. Really a nice add to my rig. Have even tried subgrouping vocalists to run the summed channel through a harmonizer/ processor, with some good (and interesting) results! Kudos!"

- Steve Hanson (Brentwood, CA)

"Hi Lonnie, Its fine. A great little mixer!"

- Neil

"I use the mini mixer on a regular basis. I use Shure Wireless mics. I run the wireless receivers into the mixer, and then send a single feed into my PA for my vocals. This works quite well. I am quite pleased with your product. "

- Craig Seavey (Miami, FL)

"Awesome. Saved my ass in two gigs already. Great product."

- Mark Lehi Jones (Atlanta, GA)

"It's working fantastic! Thinking about getting another one! Keep up the good work."

- Lamar Clark (Belton, MO)

"Lonnie..IT sounds fantastic! Thank you very much for making it!!! Very beautiful to look at it too."

- Pawel Wdowczak (W.Hollywood, CA)

"Hi, Lonnie! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you! The mixer is working out great! I'm using it for recording my guitar amps. I have 3 mics set up, and I'm using the mixer to blend them before I run them through the mic pre. This way I can do everything without leaving my chair :) Thank you!"

- Alexander Knutsen (Saugus, MA)

"Thanks for checking it works great, glad to have it! Working flawlessly. Thanks again, Blessings always, Rick"

- Rick Jackson (Vancouver, WA)

"Working great, just as I hoped it would. I use it to run the mics at our churches Easter Musical as well as other events, I have to run the music CD for the choir from the front of the church by the director, I had no way of adjusting the individual mics used for soloist as the mixer is in the back of church and I am a one man crew. So I came across your little mixer, I plug it into one of the mic lines and run the 3 soloist mics into it and like magic I can now control and adjust the soloist mics from the front of church. I tried a couple of other inline volume controls previously and they sent so much static through the PA when you used them to adjust the volume, there was no way they could be used. Yours works perfect and is dead silent, I could actually use one with 5 or 6 mic lines in it, lol. I am a very satisfied customer and your little mixer worked great for me. Jim "

- Jim Wintz (Batesville, IN)

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About the Owner
photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985.
It's that kind of real world experience that I feel makes AVLifesavers stand out. It's one thing to examine problems theoretically, it's a whole different thing to deal with frantic last minute changes from an inexperienced client who wants it done yesterday.

Been there, done that, so I've designed products to solve live sound problem fast.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

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