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6 places to NOT clip your lavalier mic
A lavalier mic is a less than ideal situation. Your voice project forward, yet the mic is straight down on your chest. So the mission is to get as much voice into the mic as possible. This will reduce the possibility of feedback squeals & let your voice be turned up louder.
With the lav close to your throat like this, the sound from your voice has to make a U turn to be heard. You'll sound nasal & muffled.
With the mic this far off to the side, when you turn your head the other way, your voice level will decline considerably & you won't be heard.
With the lav this low your voice level will be very quiet. Sound decays rapidly with distance.
Same as with #2 above, when you turn your head your voice will disappear.
A mic picks up what's directly in front of it, and this mic is turned upside down (fuzzy side should be up). You'll hear almost nothing. Turning it up louder will just produce feedback.
A slightly better variation of the outer lapel, the inner lapel will still cause the voice level to decrease when you turn your head.
This is how a lavalier mic should be!

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