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Who uses the Podium Pal Pro?
I asked Dave Howard of Bergen AV to tell us about himself, his business & how he uses the Podium Pal Pro...

How long have you been in business?

"Started the business in 2004"

What types of clients do you serve primarily?

"We serve Corporate as well as Social. We also get a lot of pick-ups for equipment."

Are you in-house at any local hotels/Conference Centers?

"Not really considered in-house but we provide several properties with AV. The Wilshire Grand Hotel is a property that uses us exclusively. We also have accounts with Renaissance, Residence Inn, Courtyards, Holiday Inn's, etc. Not sure we really want to be in a property. It's nice to avoid that environment.

What types of shows do you usually encounter?

"We do everything from one speaker restaurant meetings to live music in the park. We do live streaming, Video Conferencing; just about anything someone has a need for.

What Mixers do you you use primarily?

"We have several smaller Allen & Heath, Mackie, Soundcraft. We're liking the digital stuff as well. Our first digital was a Yamaha O1V96 (not the first one). Since then we've gotten a Digital Mackie as well as Two of the X-32 boards."

What types of powered speakers do you you use primarily?


How far do you travel for work?

"Pretty much stay in NJ. We do NYC as well. One of our guys went to France a few times for an event. I'm pretty much stuck here as I have to run things. Wouldn't mind travelling for streaming though."

What do you use the Podium Pal Pro for?

"We use it for presenters that add laptop audio at the last moment."

What aspect made you want to buy it?

"The fact that it has the XLR input as well as the 1/8" input, and with volume controls. Not to mention that ground lift for the occasional laptop buzz."

Do you ever use it by itself straight into house sound/powered speakers?

"Didn't think about that one. Will have to give that a whirl. We did use it in a church one time. Connected a DVD player for a video and routed the lectern mic into the pro along with the DVD sound. Very easy for the chuch staff to adjust the volume instead of showing them a mixer. It also allowed the phantom power to pass through."

David Howard
Bergen Audio Visual
24 S Front St.
Bergenfield, NJ. 07621
[email protected]
Facebook Page
(201) 820-2016

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