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3 ways to never hold a microphone
1) Cup the back of the mic - Yes, all the rappers do it, but you shouldn't "cup" the back of a mic because that blocks the back vents on the mic, essentially turning it into an omni, much more susceptible to feedback. You'll get less level out of it, not more.
2) Cover the front of the mic with your hand - Singers seem to do this when a feedback squeal occurs, thinking sound won't get it, but goes around and in the back vents. As above, effectively turning it into an omni, which makes the feedback even worse!
3) Hold onto the mic near the bottom - That pinky can hit the XLR cable release and the cable will fall out. Embarrassing with a dynamic mic, but a condensor will give the audience a thundering phantom power "pop" too.

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About the Owner
photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985.
It's that kind of real world experience that I feel makes AVLifesavers stand out. It's one thing to examine problems theoretically, it's a whole different thing to deal with frantic last minute changes from an inexperienced client who wants it done yesterday.

Been there, done that, so I've designed products to solve live sound problem fast.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

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