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About the Owner
photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985. [ View my Linked-In Profile ]
It's that kind of real world experience that I feel makes AVLifesavers stand out. It's one thing to examine problems theoretically, it's a whole different thing to deal with frantic last minute changes from an inexperienced client who wants it done yesterday.

Been there, done that, so I've designed products to help solve live sound problem fast.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

I can be reached at lonnie@avlifesavers.com or Text 617-433-7480 (no phone calls please). While I certainly value your opinion, I do NOT do custom builds.

In the beginning...

I built my first mixing board for my band when I was 15 years old with parts from Radio Shack & a local electronics store called "You do it" Electronics. In high school we got to tour a recording studio. I later searched for a recording course at a local studio when I was 16. The first one wouldn't take me because I was too young, but the second one (Baker Street Studios in Watertown) did & I was hooked.

My first year of college was at Middle Tennessee State University, which with 16 tracks had one of the largest recording programs in the country. Hard to believe by today's standards. While I was there Berklee College in Boston built 6 studios, so I transferred back to Berklee in my neck of the woods.

While attending Berklee College of Music I started Goin' Mobile, doing live recordings for other Berklee Student Projects. You try fitting a full rhythm section w/ 4 horns onto 4 tracks! Starting at the bottom really teaches you how to get the most from what you've got. (something that's probably gotten lost in a world with infinite tracks on a computer)

When I graduated I started doing projects all over. First a Fostex 1/4" 8 track, then Tascam MS16 1" 16 track, then 24 of adat, then 32 & finally 40 tracks. Here's a photo of the 1st mobile truck, the mighty brown van.

Eventually I wandered into the Gospel market. Mostly NYC, but I went all over the Eastern Seaboard, NH down to GA. This necessitated a switchover to Tascam DA88/DA38 as well a 14 foot box truck.

Gospel is an excellent training ground for problem solving ability, with lots of last minute "oh by the way" changes, and venues with poor equipment/power.

For the last 18 years I've done Corporate Audio work off and on for clients in the Boston area. Lots of Mackie 1202/1402s, speakers on sticks, graphic EQs & wireless lav mics. Occasional jobs doing Boom Sound work, audio in a video truck, FOH band work, etc.

For the last 8 years I've been selling used electronics purchased at auction on ebay as well, tapping into my audio signal flow skills & macgyver skills to repair lots of different things. I currently have over 3900+ positive feedback on ebay, so I must be doing something right!

In a way this led me right back to circuit level work, which added to decades of real world experience was the start of AVLifesavers.

As you can imagine this doesn't leave much free time, but I enjoy hiking in the NH White Mountains & skydiving when I get a chance.

What a long, strange trip it's been...

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Some testimonials about me as a Tech

"Lonnie is our number one go to audio and video operator for Gemini Audio Visual, Inc. Not only is Lonnie technically an ace, but he is well versed in communicating with our high end client base. I have known Lonnie for over 2 decades, and you will not find anyone more honest or detail oriented to represent your company out in the field. - Dave Blumenfeld, Gemini Audio Visual

"Lonnie is one of the most detail oriented people I know. He always wants to create the best product 100% of the time. Always on time, always prepared and most importantly, always willing to lend a hand and help get things done." - Jay Duchin, Duchin Productions

"Lonnie is a top-notch technical specialist. I've assigned Lonnie to multiple jobs of key importance over the years. He always comes through in a professional and creative manner. Tim O'Neil, Brandeis University & Mass Audio Visual.

"Lonnie has worked on several projects for my company. His work was excellent - he is willing to go above and beyond to ensure a quality project. His knowledge of the audio business is broad and very detailed. He is a class A professional who was easy to work with and works well with clients. We continue to use him on projects and highly recommend him to others" Michelle Salts, Audio Digest

Some testimonials from doing live recordings

"Lonnie is the quintessential recording professional. He has reasonable rates, and will work with you to get the best results. Plus he is a cool guy to be around and work with. I'd hire him again and again. Going Mobile is a great company to get you live recording accomplished with reasonable rates." - Sheldon Goode, Guitar

"I have enjoyed a great relationship with Lonnie over the years, and would recommend him highly!" - Craig White, Recording Engineer

"From the first time I've hired Lonnie and Goin Mobile I have been pleased with the quality and expertise he has provided. He has created an incredible niche by offering quality live recording at an affordable price. Goin Mobile gives all the quality, experience, equipment and production variety of the huge, well known recording trucks, but at half the price. I am proud to have introduced Lonnie to the gospel music industry and see the resume he has developed. Anyone working in any music genre who is involved with live or remote recording must check out Lonnie Bedell and Goin Mobile...you will not be disappointed!" - Reggie Stewart, Eternal Light Entertainment

"Lonnie was highly recommended by friends and proved to be a great provider in the business at a very affordable price. His equipment was adequate and his services were excellent. He was prepared, timely, professional, knowledgeable and friendly to name a few attributes and qualifications. In the future, Lonnie's company will be considered for other events and recommendations." - Gwen Findley

"When God blesses you to have songs contributed to your CD project by guys like James Hall, Melvin Crispell, and Butch Heyward you know you've got to step up your game. In Brooklyn we have a reputation for "churchin' hard" and you need somebody that's able to capture that essence live. I wouldn't have called anybody but Lonnie Bedell and Goin' Mobile. Their professionalism, experience and understanding of the move of God in praise and worship are unparalleled in the industry as far as I'm concerned" - Jonathan Hall, IMOK Gospel Music

"Lonnie..thanks so much for your expertise and professionalism...we are going to work right away on the overdubs and mixing...please thank all of your staff as well...Hey Lonnie..to be exact we are finishing the Horn Section on tommorow...at 12noon!!! thanks for asking...it sounds great...great audience and great choir sound...thanks again for your expertise...Rev Hartley" - Rev Richard Hartley, Haven Int'l Ministries

"There is nothing better than working with someone who's professional, and who knows what they are doing. Lonnie Bedell is both! He was always prompt in returning phone calls, he was prompt in his arrival on our recording day, there were no technical dificulties, everything went well and as planned. From sound-check to benediction, everything was great! I'll definitely use Goin' Mobile again!!" - Alvin Campbell, Alvin Campbell and Total Praise

"It's a joy to work with an engineer/recording truck that understands the nuances of recording gospel music live. Working with you on both of my projects ("The Grove Experience" to the yet untitled Mt Carmel Project) showed me tht you can handle any size choir to church with ease & professionalism. Lonnie, you gave me the confidence in you to want to use your services on all of my upcoming live projects. You'll be hearing from me real soon. Let's do this!" - Daniel Perkins, Gospel Soul Entertainment

"Goin' Mobile is the most complete & professional mobile unit in the recording industry. I thoroughly recommend them for your recording & will use them again for Bishop Steven Kelsey & Alpha & Omega Church Ministries Int." - Milton Turner, GIA Music Group

"Goin' Mobile is the recording studio to invest in. Lonnie is so great to work with. They arrived on time and was very helpful indeed. With me running round trying to get everything in order, Lonnie just made my job easier. The sound was very professional and I like the way he conducts business. I will use him again indeed." - Bubba Johnson, Bubba Johnson & the Omega Singers

"Goin-Mobile did a great job on our CD. The service was wonderful, fair pricing, on time arrival, plenty of help, and good disposition. Goin-Mobile guaranteed our satisfaction all the way to the end which we sincerely appreciated. I am most impressed with the understanding of how to record in our particular music market.(Gospel choirs) Lonnie knew just what was needed to make our recording sound the way it needed to reach our goals and audience. Lonnie, you helped give us a "Testimony." We will definitely use Goin-Mobile again." - Lisa D. Nelson, Minister of Music, Union Baptist Church Mass Choir

"Working with Goin' Mobile is painless. Lonnie offers excellent customer service and professional advice. He adapts well to fluid situations with minimal fuss. We did not experience one minute of technical delay. I was most impressed the Lonnie and would highly recommend his services to all who inquire." - Audrey McMillan, Guys Who Love God

"The service provided by Lonnie and his assistant was superb! Besides the professional recording services, Lonnie was accomodating to our schedule & worked with us to make sure the rehearsal & performance went smoothly. He was ever pleasant to the "eager" musicians who crowded the truck following the rehearsal to hear the tape. His professionalism allowed us to focus on the music & on the reason we made this recording - to give honor & glory to God. God bless you Lonnie!" - Dr. Norma Brown, New Hope Baptist Church, Hackensack, NJ.

"It was a real pleasure working with Lonnie. We had a last-minute project that he graciously accomodated, and was professional while friendly and easy to work with. We had a choice of more expensive companies, but the extra money spent wouldn't have produced a better recording. We'll use Goin' Mobile again." - Jack Vaughn, Comedy Central Records

"Sounds of Zion would like to thank Lonnie & the Staff of Goin' Mobile for a smooth day everything went well and yes we will use them again. Lookout for S.O.Z. titled "Over in Zion" - James Williams, Manager - Sounds of Zion

"The recording is mixed and sounds great! This is the best live recording ever of this concert." - Sebastian Bonaiuto, Boston College, BC Bop! Jazz Band

"Couldn't have done it without you - you are the best!" - Maria Nazzaro, M2aria

"Lonnie was more part of my team than an outside company. He interfaced well with the entire DBR staff. I see DBR Production Group and Goin' Mobile doing many more projects together." - Robert B. Gordon, Producer - DBR Production Group

"As an extremely demanding producer, I need to be able to have pinpoint accuracy and punctuality from my live crew. Lonnie Bedell and Goin' Mobile provided just that for my recording. I also feel as if I have developed a need to have Lonnie do my next live project! Nobody does what Goin' Mobile does at this price. NOBODY! And nobody is as genuine in any price range. You really do make my job easy!" - Dejai Washington, Producer of DJW Pastoral Choir in Columbus, OH.

"I would recommend Goin' Mobile to anyone that is serious about their music projects. The service and quality is second to none." - Shawn Hall, New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, NJ.

"Goin' Mobile you did it again. Your production of our live recording was so good. If we hadn't made little mistakes we could have pressed the project without going into the studio." - Bishop Julius Sloane, Alpha & Omega Apostolic Church, Jamaica, NY.

"It was a wonderful opportunity working with Bro. Lonnie Bedell and Goin' Mobile for they provided the quality expertise needed to ensure the success of our project and also were very pleasant to work with. I recommend Goin' Mobile to all." - Clarence Brown III, Producer of Jae Nixon live recording in Jamaica, NY

"The quality of your work, and the good humor with which you meet often adverse situations make you a true asset to Ben Manilla Productions, and to me, personally" - Cate Schley, Ben Manilla Productions. [Producers of "Live from the House of Blues" National Radio Show, for which Goin' Mobile recorded: Luther Allison, James, Harman, A.J. Croce, Ronny Earl, Coco Montoya, Roomful of Blues, Tracy Nelson, Charles Brown, Sugar Blue, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and many others]

"Happy new year. I hope all is well for you. I want to thank you for doing such a good job on our last live recording which you did for us back in October 1995 here in Brooklyn at the Baptist Temple. The recording was released back in July 1996. As promised, here is a copy of the cassette and let me know what you think...." - Sam Elysee, Managing Director, Joy Records & Music Group, Brooklyn, NY.

"I wanted to send a quick note to you, to tell you how much I appreciated your work and assistance in our recording project on June 14, as well as the quality of product that resulted from your mobile studio. It looks like this is going to be an excellent ground breaking project for our church. I understand from Dave Spaulding that you exerted additional time and effort over that weekend, at no additional charge to us, due to the fact that the recording date was on a Sunday. I want to express my thanks for this and also include a small gift to your business for your time. I look forward to working with you in the future."- Pastor Terry Austin, Latter Rain Christian Fellowship (for Double Edge Productions)

"I praise God for all the talent and gifts that He has bestowed upon you. Your easy going manner and joyful spirit was encouraging. Your effort and hard work to help us accomplish what God had set forth was admired...You truly are a blessing!" - Pastor Chip Wood, Agape Victory Christian Church (w/ producer David Estes, Rambo-McGuire Ministries

"Goin' Mobile is going somewhere. If you want your music to go somewhere, Lonnie Bedell is the professional that you need. Your project will sound great, and he captures the annointing. God bless this business." - Ronnie McCrary, Minister of Music, Cornerstone Worship Center Ministries

"Lonnie and his crew have consistently provided over-the-top, quality services that have helped us sell thousands of recordings, impressing radio stations and corporate folk alike. He captured everything you could from our unpredictable performances and sometimes with only a day's warning. We look forward to working with him again as we have so many times in the past." - Townsend Belisle, producer, The Hyannis Sound and The Vineyard Sound

"It was great to have Goin' Mobile involved with our church's live praise CD project. Lonnie Bedell did an excellent job of preparing for and recording the service. Lonnie went the 'extra mile' with equipment rentals that made post production a success. Lonnie is the man - for your live recording needs!" - Gordon Willis, Bethany Congregational Christian Church

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