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Zero Hassle

Zero Hassle Returns

Returns are easy, and you don't have to talk to anyone.

No phone #s that just ring forever, limited hours to call, or returns that get "lost" until the company wears you down & you give up.

So here goes:

1) Ship the item back to the return address on package. USPS is likely cheapest & priority mail(tm) comes with tracking, plus they do free pickups. [The $6-7 in return shipping cost seems like a fair trade for the use of the product for 60 days]

2) You're full purchase price will be refunded when it's received.

Email me if you need the mailing address, or have other questions. (I'm not putting the address on this page because I really don't want people "dropping by" & really don't want more junk mail)

MIXER BUYERS: I thankfully receive very few returns, but virtually all are because the 6db drop in signal is perceived as it "not working". If you turn up whatever the mixer is plugged into a little more you will hear it at the same level as before.