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I'm happy to help you assess your situation & determine a way to get you what you need cost-effectively.
While I'm also happy to entertain to new product suggestions, I do NOT do custom one-off projects.

Lonnie Bedell, owner

Email: [email protected]
Text: 617-433-7480 (no phone calls please)

Return Policy

*** Shipping has it's own Shipping FAQ ***
Q) Do you keep stock or make items to order?
A) I keep some stock of virtually all items for immediate shipment. Levels vary seasonally. If I get a slew of orders & run out, I can usually get it made that day or the next.

Q) What is your return policy?
A) Anybody can return any product within 60 days for a full refund, no reason needed. Mail to: AVLifesavers PO Box 227 Woodsville NH 03785

Q) What intercom systems are your products designed for?
A) All products are designed for & test on a clearcom(tm) setup. Clearcom(tm) is far & away the market leader. Will they work for compatible? They should, presuming they are truly compatible. That's an issue you will have to discuss with that manufacturer. Obviously I cannot be responsible if they are telling fairy tales.

Only 3 products, the 2 intercom interfaces & the USB Call Alert operate off the 3 pin party line. Everything else operate off the 4 pin headset out, which appears to be very prolific in the industry. The "R**" company reverses the gender.

The com pedal, com multi switch & com headset switch do NOT pass power for headsets with a condensor mic (still fairly rare).

Q) What handles your credit card processing?
A) I recently added shopify as a 2nd way to buy besides paypal. Then due to a switch to online accounting & hints from paypal they were dropping the buy buttons I used, I went with shopify only. They seem to really have their act together.

Q) What are you located?
A) I recently moved to Northern New Hampshire. Everything ships out from here. For returns, use: AVLifesavers PO Box 227 Woodsville NH 03785

Q) Do supply chain problems affect production?
A) I stocked up on parts big time spring & summer 2022. There were a few minor hiccups, but nothing that ever affected getting an order out. I don't forsee any issues for 2023.

Q) Do you still make the Mini XLR Mixer?
A) Yes. They are made to order as I don't sell many any more. The intercom gadgets are 99% of my sales, so that takes a back seat. The page is HERE

Q) What is the answer to the universe?
A) 42. Douglas Adams told me.

*** "Clear-Com" is a Registered Trademark of HM Electronics ***
There is no connection between AVLifesavers & Clear-Com/HM Electronics whatsoever. (We think Clear-Com rocks!)