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Use your com headset with a
phone, tablet or TRRS laptop

Use your familiar intercom headset w/ phone/tablet/laptop VOIP apps to communicate during virtual events
Headset plugs into 4 pin XLR plug. 1/8" plug goes your into phone/tablet/TRRS laptop
Push to talk via momentary red pushbutton, or lock mic on with the silver toggle switch
9 Volt battery (with belt loop) & AC powered versions available
Hand assembled in New Hampshire

Com Headset Adapter
9 Volt Battery for mobile use

Com Headset Adapter
AC powered for desk use

Includes Free Priority Mail(tm) Shipping within the US. International shipping is available, rates here.

Shipped on a first-come first-served basis

Here's what customers have to say...
"First off, at the start of the pandemic I ordered a com headset adapter so I can use my Ultralight Clear Com headset on Zoom, etc, and I LOVE IT!!!"

- Jim Pritchard

*** "Clear-Com" is a Registered Trademark of HM Electronics ***
There is no connection between AVLifesavers & Clear-Com/HM Electronics whatsoever. (We think Clear-Com rocks!)

About the Owner
photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985. [ View my Linked-In Profile ]
I started AVLifesavers to solve real world audio problems that weren't being addressed by larger manufacturers. By listening to users who experience these problems first hand, and combining it with my own 30+ years of hands-on audio experience, I can come up with solutions to problems the big companies don't even know exist.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

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