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Intercom Gadgets
Combo Intercom Audio Interface $125
* Get audio in or out of wired party line com
Output Only Intercom Audio Interface $95
* Above without level controls or input XLR
Dual Output only Intercom Audio Interface $185
* Dual output only version
Beltpack Breakout Box $125
* Simultaneous 2 way com audio using a beltpack
Intercom to TRRS interface $135
* Add phones/tablets to wired party line com
Intercom Headset Switcher Widebody $130
* Switch com into 1 side of your headphones as needed
Intercom Headset Switcher Widebody Plus $135
* Switch com or your mix into either side of your headphones as needed
Com Multi-Switch $135
* Clicky momentary & locking replacement switches for your com beltpack
Intercom Foot Pedal $135
* Switch your com mic on with your foot
Com Headset Adapter $125-145
* Use a 4 pin com headset w/ a phone, tablet or TRRS laptop
Com Headset Breakout Box $95
* Turn an intercom headset into a mic & mono headphones
Com Earbud Adapter $40
* Don't need to talk? Use your ear buds for com
Intercom Headphone Adapter $95
*Use regular headphones & dynamic mic for com
USB Intercom Call Alert $135
* Less intrusive alternative to a com buzzer/strobe
Intercom to ATEM aircraft jack Interface $150
* Interface your party line com to the ATEM's aircraft jacks
Headset Splitter Cable $60
* Hear com through your in ears/ear buds & headset together for better sound isolation
Intercom to Text Interface $110
* Read com on a phone/tablet via a speech to text app (sold separately)
Intercom Call Switch $95
* Stand-alone call button without audio
Intercom Call Switch w/ Foot Switch $110
* Stand-alone call button using a foot switch

Band/DJ Gadgets

Mini XLR Mixer $95
* Pocket-sized passive 3 input mic mixer
Mini XLR Mixer w/ direct box $120
* Above w/ a transformer direct box on ch#3
XLR Mute Pedal $95
* Mute open mics on-stage w/ your foot
Personal Volume Control $79.95
* Adjust your vocal mic level without losing audience eye contact
XLR Mic Switch $110
* Switch a mic output between 2 mixer inputs w/ different settings (eq/fx/routing)
XLR Mic Switch w/ LED $135
* Above w/ status LEDs

AV/FOH Gadgets

Super Splitter Plus $160
* 3 way transformer mic splitter w/ output level controls
Phone Audio Interface $69.95
* Plug an audio feed directly into your phone
XLR Volume Control $95.00
* 2 Channels of Variable Audio Attenuation
Mic Multi Switch $85
* Push to talk & latching mic switches in one
Remote Cue Light $99
* Cue ppt operators, bands or sound techs without making a sound
Video Volume Control $79.95
* Adjust audio level off the camera for steadier shots
Phone Audio Interface Plus $79.95
* 1/4" in & out from your TRRS device
Lav Proximity Protector $149.95
* Reduces level to an individual speaker automatically when a presenter walks in front of it
Podium Pal Pro $140
* Mixes podium mic & laptop audio into 1 XLR out for house PA or a powered speaker

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All AVLifesavers Products come with:
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60 days Return Policy for any Reason
- If it doesn't meet your needs. I want you to be happy with your purchase.
10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
- Return it to the address on the package & it will be Repaired or Replaced Free of Charge.

About the Owner
photo of Lonnie Bedell of AVlifesavers.com My name is Lonnie Bedell, and I'm the guy behind AVLifesavers. Unlike big companies, I've been doing actual live sound work since 1995, and live recordings since 1985. [ View my Linked-In Profile ]
I started AVLifesavers to solve real world audio problems that weren't being addressed by larger manufacturers. By listening to users who experience these problems first hand, and combining it with my own 30+ years of hands-on audio experience, I can come up with solutions to problems the big companies don't even know exist.

All products are assembled right here in the USA. Living Wages to American workers is and will always be part of the fabric here, despite the temptations.

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