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Combo Intercom
Audio Interface

Add com audio to LD/MD/Monitor engineer in ear monitors
Add com audio to church/theatre tech training videos
Best for 1 way com interfacing
Plugs into 3 wire party line com line

Beltpack Breakout Box
Hear & speak on com through your mixing board
Provides 2 way audio to dante interfaces for long runs
Best for 2 way com interfacing
Plugs into beltpack 4 pin headset jack

Headset Mixer Pro
Hear any combination of mics in ONLY your com headset
Hear com & your streaming mix simultaneously

Intercom Foot Pedal
Switch your com headset mic on with your foot
No more accidents w/ the com mic locked on

Intercom Headset
Switcher Plus

Switch com into one or both sides of your headphones as needed
Hear com & your streaming mix simultaneously

Intercom to TRRS

Add cell phones to your wired com line to create cheap wireless com locally
Add remote people to your wired com line
Playback spoken word cues from a laptop into com
Interface to tablets/trrs laptops running unity intercom

USB Intercom
Call Alert

Use any USB device as your intercom call light
Substitute for com strobe/buzzer in more discrete settings

Com Multi-

Substitute switches for your com beltpack
Clicky momentary switch & toggle switch
Know com status immediately, even in the dark

Com Headset Switch
Hear mixing board pfl/solo temporarily in ONLY your com headset

Com Headset Adapter (Battery)
Com Headset Adapter

Use your 4 pin com headset with a phone/tablet/trrs laptop

Headset Splitter Cable
Add wired in ears or ear buds to your com headset for better isolation in loud environments

Intercom Headphone Adapter
Use headphones/ear buds & your own dynamic mic with com

Intercom to ATEM Interface
Interface ATEM aircraft headset jacks with wired com setups

TRRS Headset to com interface
Use a trrs headset with a standard 4 pin com beltpack

All products hand-assembled
in our New Hampshire workshop

We use Industry-leading parts:
Hammond Cases, Bourns Potentiometers, Neutrik & Switchcraft connectors, Cable from Beldin & Mogami.

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