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Combo Intercom Audio Interface $145
Get audio in or out of wired analog party line com. Clear-com(tm) only.

* Put com into an in ear monitor
* Record com for training videos

Output only Intercom Audio Interface $120
Same as above without audio input jack or level controls
Beltpack Breakout Box $145
Creates 4 wire com from a beltpack for simultaneous 2 way audio

* Interface 2 intercom systems together
* Hear com through your board

Intercom to TRRS interface $160
Interface wired com to a TRRS laptop, tablet or phone

* Add phones to your wired com line
* Interface with Unity Intercom
* Add automated tech cues from a laptop to the com line

Intercom to ATEM Interface $175
Interface wired com to the ATEM's aircraft jacks

Make your work setup
better or easier
Intercom Headset Switcher Plus $155
Switch com or your mix into either side of your headphones as needed
Com Multi-Switch $155
Clicky momentary & locking replacement switches for your com beltpack
Com Foot Pedal (Push to Talk) $160
Switch your com mic on with your foot
Com Foot Pedal (Push to Mute) $160
Cough switch for your com mic
Com Headset Adapter (Battery) $145
Use a 4 pin com headset w/ a phone as you walk around
Com Headset Adapter (AC) $165
Use a 4 pin com headset w/ a phone at your desk
Headset Splitter Cable $65
Hear com through your in ears/ear buds & headset together for better sound isolation
TRRS Headset to com interface $145
Use an inexpensive TRRS gaming headset with an intercom beltpack
Intercom Headphone Adapter $110
Use regular headphones & dynamic mic for com

Oddball com problem solvers
Com Earbud Adapter $40
Don't need to talk? Use your ear buds for com
USB Intercom Call Alert $155
Use any USB device as your call light

Flow diagrams for common solutions
How to put com into an In Ear for a music director or LD
How to add com to your church or theatre tech training video
How to communicate on com through your mixing board

*** "Clear-Com" is a Registered Trademark of HM Electronics ***
There is no connection between AVLifesavers & Clear-Com/HM Electronics whatsoever. (We think Clear-Com rocks!)

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in our Boston-area workshop

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